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Who should buy Mercurial Vapors ?


Pato Vapors Mercurial Vapors are widely worn by top International footballers. If you study the type of player that typically wears them then you quickly notice than these players are either very quick or very tricky or both.   These boots are definitely aimed at the skilful player rather than the tough tackler , the flamboyant rather than the run of the mill.  If you see yourself  as a quick player who’s touch would benefit from the extra finesse of  a very lightweight boot or a skilful player who would benefit from the extra zip over 5 yards  then you should really give them a try. There are several choices of course. Firstly you need to decide if you prefer the sole unit of the soft ground or firm ground boots. Then there are the various models which generally starting at V get cheaper backwards or the older the design.  You can buy  Mercurial Vapors anywhere between £49.99 and £129.99  There is also the Mercurial Vapors Superfly which is a premium extra light but fabulous boot for whose who really want to spoil themselves. These are recommended to sell at  £224.99

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Mercurial Vapors Superfly


The lightest production boot in the world. Simple as that. This is a boot for top players. Players who take their football seriously. Players who want to win, players who can change a game.  Endorsed by Ronaldo,Drogba,Ibrahimovic these are the boots of a special group of players. You can read about the technology of these boots somewhere else.  These boots are for those who dare to think they are special. If thats you then take a look at the new Mercurial Vapors Superfly

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Mercurial Vapors V


The Mercurial Vapors V were initially released on 1 April 2009 in the colours  max orange/abyss-metallic silver.  They are the current design with the most amount of choice available for new users or repeat customers. The upper of the boot is made from Teijin synthetic leather as its predecessor the Mercurcial Vapors IV, which is an extremely lightweight but durable material that moulds itself to the players foot. The new Mercurcial Vapors V also has a covered lace that gives extra contact area for the ball and a contoured speed last that mirrors the shape of the players foot. The midsole of the latest Nike Mercurial Vapor V has a revolutionary internal chassis that creates instant acceleration for the player together with a contoured sockliner with EVA inserts means that stud pressure is drastically curtailed. The outsole of the new model has direct injected heel studs that helps with the reduction of weight and makes this the ultimate speed boot. A newly designed soleplate featuring a multi directional traction pattern is aimed in reducing injuries and increasing performance. The new Mercurial Vapors V will be worn by many Nike leading players around the world. These boots are available in both soft as well as firm ground outsole options.

There is currently a  Sale of the boot in the picture hidden away on a rugby website  that has some real bargains in certain sizes  Mercurial Vapors great value in UK

FYI its only a further £10 for shipping cost to USA.    Its still cheap

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Mercurial Vapors IV

 Mercurial Vapors IV were released in February 2008, retail sale price of £119.99, and with two colour choices of orange peel/dark obsidian and black/vivid blue and weighing about 230 grams. A new red with gold colourway was worn by Cristiano Ronaldo in a televised Manchester United match in March and released to the stores in April.  Meanwhile Aaron Lennon and Gabrielle Agbonlahor were wearing them in adverts featuring sprint training.

Over the coming months there were regular releases of more colour variants and the choice was fantastic. The football boots being worn by many Premier League players in high profile matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo was wearing different colours in different matches for Manchester Utd and Didier Drogba was also wearing in his Chelsea matches. Aaron Lennon at Tottenham and Bendter at Arsenal was also getting noticed in his brightly coloured boots.   Perhaps the brightest was a pink variation which has been famously worn by Franck Ribery of Bayern Munich and France.  They are probably the most vivid boots ever and aren’t the best colour match to his red Bayern Munich football kit.

By now these boots are a huge success and worn in big numbers by amateurs and professionals alike.



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Mercurial Vapors III

Mercurial Vapors III were the third generation in the Mercurial Vapor family of boots and were launched in 2006. They featured Teijin microfibres which easily moulded to the foot and were extremely lightweight and plyable. The boot  weighed just 196g (6.9oz). It also had a carbon last to give support to the heel and more padding was added to the heel cup area. The first Mercurial Vapor IIIs were released in a white/gold design, which was quickly followed by several more culminating in a limited edition boot  which was released to commemorate  the fourth World Cup triumph of Italy in World Cup gold/ blue.

Towards the end of the 2006–07 season, even more colourways were released.

In September 2007, Nike released a limited edition 10th anniversary version of the Mercurial Vapor, featuring “all the modern technology from the current Mercurial Vapors III combined with the original Mercurial Upper design from 1998.” The boots featured in an advert with the Brazilian star Ronaldo, where he recreated some of his past goals, which he scored wearing the famous Mercurial Vapor boots.


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Mercurial Vapors II

Mercurial Vapors II were launched in early 2004 in the two simple colours of photo blue and team red. The first player to wear the blue boots was Ronaldo at the Nou Camp for Real Madrid against Barcelona. The red were released for the first time on a two goal scoring debut  by Thierry Henry in Arsenals greatest away victory 5 1 over Inter Milan in the San Siro.

This upgraded version had a very slightly thicker material upper and a cushioned area around the ankle.  The cosmetic patterns on the outside were changed slightly too with more pronounced identations and a narrow contrast stripe to accentuate the vivid colours.   The basics of the boots remained the same. However there was another big batch of colour variations released in this version including a kangaroo leather version in black /white and an a Real Madrid colourway worn by Ronaldo of alminium and gold.  There are not many Mercurial Vapors II around now but there are still some at Amazon at less than half original price.



There is currently a  Sale of Nike Football Boots hidden away on a rugby site with soft ground Mercurial Vapors from as little as £69.99 amongst other Nike bargains

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