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Mercurial Vapour isn’t the right spelling

It is a common occurrence for people to use the wrong spelling as Mercurial Vapour is the way many people naturally perceive the make up of the word.  However , Nike have spelt it Mercurial Vapor when naming their product. I have tried to see if there is a difference in meaning but have come to the conclusion that Vapor is American English and Vapour is original English.  Much like colors and colours. So I am guessing that most of the people that type Mercurial Vapour are in the UK or Australia. My favourite colour Mercurial Vapour is Berry which is a vibrant pink.

Whatever you type in to your search box you will end up with a great pair of football boots.

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Pink Vapors

mercurial vaporsPink Vapors

There can’t be anything more eyecatching on a football pitch than a pair of Pink Vapors flying down the wing. The brightest football boots I have seen are famously worn by french international midfielder Franck Ribery of Bayern Munich.

If you are looking for the Pink Vapors they are officially called Berry Mecurial Vapors IV and were launched as a limited edition in November.  They have been extremely popular and you may have to search a while to find a pair if you would like to be dashing down the wing yourself in a pair of these football boots

vapors pink

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