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Mercurial Vapors for Christmas

The current economic climate makes Mercurial Vapors difficult to afford for many people. The best football boots are going to be one of the more expensive so if you haven’t been able to justify the expense in these trying times perhaps they should go on your christmas list witout delay. If you look around this site you will notice some of the great range of striking colours in the range. On Amazon there are currently colours available from as far back as the Vapor II range and up the Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Soft Ground Football Boots and the Vapor Superfly
Here is your chance to get the football boots of the stars and your dreams and get somebody else to pay! If you have never had a pair you won’t believe how light these soccer boots are.

World Cup Vapors

world cup vapors

Have you ever seen so many players in the same match wearing the same boots as each other?  Mercurial Vapors are everywhere !  There are a phenomenal amount of players flashing orange heels at the cameras in the matches seen so far in this tournament.  Nike must have done some serious work to get this amount of players wearing identical boots.  It seems in some games as though half the players are wearing them. Also when I was looking at them I couldnt decide if the rest of the boot was purple or silver. I would change my mind while watching each time from purple to silver and thought my eyes were deceiving me.  However, the official colour name is metallic purple so I am not going potty.

Superfly 2 is an extra light upgrade for the World Cup which weighs in at only 210 grams for the most popular size.

I believe they are all sporting the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2 which is a very light top of the range boot rrp £275.    I have spotted some at 10% discount. To benefit from it Click Here UPDATE FOR XMAS  SHOPPING .   ALL SIZES £125 OFF     DOWN FROM £274.99 TO  £149.99 ! ! Definitely Click Here

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Mercurial Vapors Superfly


The lightest production boot in the world. Simple as that. This is a boot for top players. Players who take their football seriously. Players who want to win, players who can change a game.  Endorsed by Ronaldo,Drogba,Ibrahimovic these are the boots of a special group of players. You can read about the technology of these boots somewhere else.  These boots are for those who dare to think they are special. If thats you then take a look at the new Mercurial Vapors Superfly

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