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Mercurial Vapors IV

 Mercurial Vapors IV were released in February 2008, retail sale price of £119.99, and with two colour choices of orange peel/dark obsidian and black/vivid blue and weighing about 230 grams. A new red with gold colourway was worn by Cristiano Ronaldo in a televised Manchester United match in March and released to the stores in April.  Meanwhile Aaron Lennon and Gabrielle Agbonlahor were wearing them in adverts featuring sprint training.

Over the coming months there were regular releases of more colour variants and the choice was fantastic. The football boots being worn by many Premier League players in high profile matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo was wearing different colours in different matches for Manchester Utd and Didier Drogba was also wearing in his Chelsea matches. Aaron Lennon at Tottenham and Bendter at Arsenal was also getting noticed in his brightly coloured boots.   Perhaps the brightest was a pink variation which has been famously worn by Franck Ribery of Bayern Munich and France.  They are probably the most vivid boots ever and aren’t the best colour match to his red Bayern Munich football kit.

By now these boots are a huge success and worn in big numbers by amateurs and professionals alike.



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