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Who should buy Mercurial Vapors ?


Pato Vapors Mercurial Vapors are widely worn by top International footballers. If you study the type of player that typically wears them then you quickly notice than these players are either very quick or very tricky or both.   These boots are definitely aimed at the skilful player rather than the tough tackler , the flamboyant rather than the run of the mill.  If you see yourself  as a quick player who’s touch would benefit from the extra finesse of  a very lightweight boot or a skilful player who would benefit from the extra zip over 5 yards  then you should really give them a try. There are several choices of course. Firstly you need to decide if you prefer the sole unit of the soft ground or firm ground boots. Then there are the various models which generally starting at V get cheaper backwards or the older the design.  You can buy  Mercurial Vapors anywhere between £49.99 and £129.99  There is also the Mercurial Vapors Superfly which is a premium extra light but fabulous boot for whose who really want to spoil themselves. These are recommended to sell at  £224.99

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Mercurial Vapors Superfly


The lightest production boot in the world. Simple as that. This is a boot for top players. Players who take their football seriously. Players who want to win, players who can change a game.  Endorsed by Ronaldo,Drogba,Ibrahimovic these are the boots of a special group of players. You can read about the technology of these boots somewhere else.  These boots are for those who dare to think they are special. If thats you then take a look at the new Mercurial Vapors Superfly

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